Metro Committees

  • Associate Affairs – Specializes in efforts of Associate members to participate and support the shelter industry
  • Awards of Excellence – Presents program honoring outstanding achievement in housing
  • Budget & Finance – Reviews and plans for Metro’s annual income / expense
  • Casino Night – Plans and executes the annual event
  • Golf – Develops golf outings for Summer and Fall
  • Highlands – Focus on opportunities and information created by the Highlands Act
  • Membership – Conducts programs to increase/maintain membership
  • Programs – Plans and carries out events for the general membership including monthly meeting
  • Public Relations – Presents CBA position to persons outside of the Association
  • Sales & Marketing Council – Conducts educational programs and networking opportunities

NJBA Committees

  • Committee on Construction Codes – Responsible for issues relating to building, construction codes and standards, construction sites safety standards, and habitability standards.
  • Committee on Convention – This committee shall plan and conduct, in conjunction with the staff, the Annual Convention Meeting, as provided for in these By-Laws.
  • Committee on Environmental Affairs – This committee shall consider all pertinent environmental issues, which influence the building industry in New Jersey.
  • Committee on Land Use and Planning – this committee shall monitor, assess, and respond to developments (including legislative and regulatory proposals, policy interpretations, solicitations for comments, etc.), in the areas of: land use, planning, affordable housing, impact fees, taxes and related matters. It will respond to issues and problems that have statewide implications.
  • Committee on Legal Action – This committee shall in conjunction with the Association’s General Counsel, review and determine the extent of Association participation in matters of litigation affecting the building interests in New Jersey.
  • Committee on Legislative Affairs – This committee shall study State laws, bills and regulations affecting the building industry in New Jersey. After study of such State laws, bills and regulations, it shall establish positions for the Association in these instances and shall promulgate such positions. The committee shall develop new laws, bills and regulations that it deems necessary to amend existing laws, bills and regulations or to create new State laws, bills or regulations that are of interest to the building industry in New Jersey. The committee shall be composed as are all Standing Committees; however, all past Legislative Committee chairmen who have attended no fewer than half of the committee meetings during a two-year legislative session, shall have the right to vote.
  • Committee on Member Education and Services – Responsible for the planning, implementation and oversight of the Association’s continuing education for the members; responsible for the Association’s support of the local association’s recruitment and retention of membership.
  • Committee on Remodelers – This committee shall consider all pertinent matters relating to the remodeling sector of the building industry, including all legislation and regulations which will influence the business affairs of remodelers.
  • Sales and Marketing Council – This committee shall develop and implement programs to promotes and recognize professionalism in all aspects of the design, sales and marketing of products and services to the general public or within the building industry.
  • Budget and Finance
  • Committee on Redevelopment