Metro President’s Message

From: Philip A. Calinda, Jr., President
2017 Metropolitan Builders & Contractors Association of NJ

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.”
― Abraham Lincoln

I have indeed learned a lot in my first year as president of Metro and thank all of you for your trust and support. Few of us run companies with hundreds of constituent employees but leading Metro is just that, as we look at the common interests of members and try to move an entire industry.  The skills of leading just a few employees are not sufficient to read the issues and make strategic initiatives for hundreds.  I have learned the skills of delegation, teamwork, organization and planning. I am not the man who took office a year ago and look forward to meeting the man who will grow again within me in 2017. I can and will do better in my business framed on the learning of Metro leadership skills.  I know how to grow personally and will grow further.

Each of you should resolve to grow in the coming year and think about evolving with Metro.  This wonderful organization, filled with quality professionals, is a petri dish for personal growth. The coming year holds great hope for America with a builder elected as president. The politics of the election are behind us so let’s embrace the coming changes with support and respect.

Some strategic thinking for your 2017 budget work and planning updates should incorporate the tax landscape changes that are imminent. These items will be a game changer. While we cannot predict with certainty how this will shake out, we can go with what has been said and what is being considered and challenge you to rework your view to adapt.

The most important piece of this puzzle for tax planning is that ordinary income should be taxed at a lower rate in the future.  The current set of seven tax rates will be compressed into only three tax rates of 12%, 25%, and 33%. The 33% top rate would be lower than the current 39.6% top rate. This will be good for housing interests. I am sure we will have more information on this as time passes.

Each of us needs to be wiser today than we were yesterday. Metro offers each of us a chance to be wiser. Lincoln had it right, and I’m all in.

Philip A. Calinda, Jr.

Metro President