Metro Remodelers Meet with DCA Rep

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October 28, 2016
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November 4, 2016

What can you get out of your membership in Metro?  For 15 remodelers, it was an inside line to the Department of Community Affairs and a discussion about building codes as they apply to remodeling.

At a workshop put together by the Metro Remodeler’s Council, members met with DCA’s Amy Frank at Jaeger Lumber in Stirling. Amy told the group that in a perfect world, a uniform code would be, well, uniform from town to town. She acknowledged it wasn’t always interpreted the same way by building officials in different places.NJ DCA, Metro, homebuilders, remodelers

She suggested that if a building official asks for something unusual, remodelers should politely ask the official for building code citation. She also shared phone numbers where remodelers could then check with the DCA to see if the request does, indeed, fit under the rules.

Ms. Frank talked about parts of the building codes that impacted repairing, renovating or building homes that may come under review in the near future.

A question-and-answer session at the end of the session gave members the opportunity to ask questions about specific projects or circumstances. Ms. Frank scribbled notes furiously, promising to get back to individual members with answers she couldn’t provide right away.

Sessions like these give members deeper insight into factors that their impact their businesses. When someone is better informed, they can work smarter and be more competitive.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see discussed at a seminar or a meeting, let the office know.  Meantime, be sure to take advantage of the seminars and workshops offered to members. Check out, for instance, the Nov. 30th free seminar on universal design. And if youo’d like to know more about the Remodelers Council, call Doug in the office.


The next time this blog is published, we’ll have a new president.  Even if you’re among the 8 out of 10 voters who are disgusted by this election, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll, please vote. No matter which side you’re supporting, this will be a close race, and your vote will make a difference.



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