Planning is under way for an exciting 2017 at Metro

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November 4, 2016
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November 30, 2016

With Metro’s elections behind us, we’re working on our 2017 calendar. And we’ve got some pretty exciting ideas.

For 2017, we’re going to keep our traditional activities, broaden our educational offerings and come up with some interesting new ideas. We also want to get involved in the communities we serve and raise recognition of what Metro is and why our members are special.

For instance, a few months ago, a local town councilman came to us seeking help for elderly residents in his town who live in homes that need repairs. These were people who can’t afford to have those repairs done and don’t qualify for aid. We’re trying to figure out a way to respond

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We’re already filling the 2017 calendar with exciting programs.

to needs like that.

And this past week, we met with the person who runs the Morris County Fire Academy. We discussed a couple of different programs with them. For instance, have you ever wondered why

inspectors demand that you fill in penetrations? At the fire academy, we can show you what happens when fire can find a pathway through a structure you build. Perhaps we can run a class on work site safety, and you can use a fire extinguisher to put out a real fire. In return, they need some of our talents, places for student fire inspectors to practice and sometimes, some of the scrap materials you throw in the dumpster. We’re hoping this becomes a beneficial relationship for all of us.

We’ve got some other things up our sleeves, too. The Sales & Marketing Council and the Remodeler’s Council are already making plans. We’re slating a Builder-to-Builder meeting. We have a young professionals group that will get off the ground in 2017. And, of course, we’re working on creating interesting monthly meetings.

Of course, the next thing on the calendar is our Dec. 8 installation and holiday party.  If you haven’t signed up, or haven’t grabbed a sponsorship or an ad in the program, better do it today!

Do you have ideas for programs? Let the office know!

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