September President’s Letter: The importance of Associates: It takes a team to build a home

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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish

when you don’t worry about who gets the credit!”

There are 50 to 60 different trade contractors on the construction of a single new home.  Likely this represents about 300 individuals.  Each has a name.  Each does their part. If you really think you can build a home all by yourself, try it some time.  Tens of thousands of man-hours and every so often you just might want someone to hold the opposite end of a long board, or help lift the other end of a heavy parcel. Or think through a sequence to minimize redundant efforts.  It does take a team – Talent, Energy, Aptitude & Manpower – to build and remodel homes.

September is Associate Appreciation Month.  As builders and remodelers we simply can’t do it all by ourselves. It takes a team, not just to muster more strength, but to pull together a vision into productive endeavor that we create and for the end user to find great satisfaction therein perhaps for generations to come.

Take a look about you on your next day at work.  Be a leader.  Let the team know you appreciate their efforts.  In addition to payment of financial currency, be sure to fill their life with non-financial currencies as well.  Respect, honor, communications, education, and trust all go a long way to embracing those who make you who you are.  The collective talents on a construction site amazes me to this day.  From the talented hands on excavator control sticks to the watchful eye of a plumber knowing when to apply the solder to a just hot enough pipe.  There is process knowledge in place that has been handed down in the same fashion for thousands of years of construction; the wise sharing with the novice, the leader banding together all the trades and instilling pride.  The tools and materials have changed but the relationships remain.

NAHB calls September “National Associate Appreciation Month”.  I credit my career and families well-being to all the many Associates who have made my successes come to life.

You know who you are…. THANK YOU.

/s/ Philip A. Calinda, Jr.

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