2019 President’s Message: A New Year Forward

MetroMatters 01.31.18
January 31, 2018
Metro Matters 01.31.18
February 22, 2018

METRO. It’s the leading trade association for the construction industry. It’s an organization that inspires active membership through professional development and advocacy and the promotion of free markets and cost-effective housing in New Jersey.

These words pull from METRO’s vision statement and represent a tall but very positive and forward-thinking order for METRO today and tomorrow as we continue to increase the value of our organization.

I’m excited to be writing to you as our incoming 2019 President. I’ve got big shoes to fill. My predecessor, 2018 President Richard Boisch, and Executive Officer Yolanda Sheffield Williams have made great strides in rebuilding METRO. Richard, Yolanda and their team of directors have established the strong organizational foundation that will enable METRO to best serve and support not only our members but also the communities in which we live and work.

Membership in METRO enables us to surround ourselves with like-minded professionals.  In sharing our experiences and brainstorming our solutions, we are given the tremendous opportunity to learn from each other.

That’s why my mission for the year ahead is to provide the organizational value that will keep our members engaged, involved and more actively participating in the many opportunities METRO has to offer.

I am targeting education as a primary objective. I will encourage more individuals to take advantage of the course offerings and certification programs provided through our national organization, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). These courses enable us to sharpen our skills in a particular discipline related to business development, our trades and professions and improve our credentials through increased certifications and accreditation.

Another important educational initiative involves breathing new life into our Remodelers Council. The Council has experienced diminished interest and participation over the last years. The renewed activity of these quarterly meetings will bring builders together with vendors at supply houses—tile, granite, window, kitchen or bath to name a few—and lumberyards where we can pick up new techniques and gain intel on products, trends and pricing. These hands-on sessions can only serve to better prepare each of us for the renovation projects that are important to our businesses.

What’s also great is that each of these educational opportunities put us in a room with a lot of talented people, making it possible for us to find ways in which our individual skills can complement each other. This incidental learning can often beat book or Internet research learning. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for collaborations that can help us meet project responsibilities more efficiently. 

I want to make these educational opportunities, METRO’s monthly meetings and offline gatherings times during which we can network and form relationships that we enjoy, from which we gain support and through which we learn and grow. It’s people that add value to an organization. METRO is no different, because our members are the backbone of our association.

I am ready to get underway and work with you to make 2019 a year of accomplishments. It is my belief that our increased participation will improve retention and attract new members. It will also enable each of us to give more, grow more and reignite passion for our work.


Alan Archuleta CGB, CGR, CGP, CAPS

2019 Metro President

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