2020 President’s Message

MetroMatters 01.31.18
January 31, 2018
Metro Matters 01.31.18
February 22, 2018


Happy Birthday, Metro! 2020 marks 75 years since, Builders, Remodelers and Associates discovered the importance of working together to create our great Association.

I am honored to serve as president of your 2020 Metropolitan Builders and Contractors Association.

Let me thank the nominating committee for putting together an incredible slate of officers for this year. It’s not an easy task, but the committee created a team that features some fresh new faces and the return of some loyal leaders who will help us chart our course and put us on a track to new accomplishments.

As chair of our Sales and Marketing Council, it gave me the opportunity to collaborate and consult with many members. Through the council, we helped many builder and associate members grow their companies and leverage their Metro membership. I learned something important from that experience:


  • Membership is our Foundation.
  • Education is our Energy.
  • Advocacy is our Power.


The most valuable service we can offer our members is to actively engage them. Different members want different things out of Metro. Engaging members is my top priority as president. It is front and center because that’s how each member benefits and grows their business and our industry.

To accomplish that, we need members. Everything Metro does on behalf of its members and the industry depends on successful recruitment, retention and overall growth of our membership. As we grow, we become better advocates, educators, business generators, marketers, and so forth. With each new active member, we add experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

Put simply: Membership is our foundation for everything else.

Education also is the key to an issue that threatens the very future of our industry. Where will you find qualified, trained employees? Who will carry on the work you’re doing? These are critical questions.

Currently, the average age of an individual in the construction industry is 58. This does not bode well for our future. We must take an active role in getting more young people excited about the building industry and the opportunities it presents.

I ask all members, builders and associates, to “Aspire to Inspire”. Most of us have children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren who we can talk to and get them excited about the possibility of joining us in a career that provides Americans with their homes and workplaces. We must do our part to end the negative reputation of Technical Schools and educate parents about the success of students who attend them.

As an association, we must find ways to inspire the Vo- Tech students. That includes inviting them to get involved with Metro and see us as part of their future. One way to do that is with the continuance of our grant program, which we started this year.

I want to welcome back Bob Bracken, a past president, who has agreed to step in as our Executive Officer. For those who have not had the opportunity to meet or work with Bob, he is an extraordinary man who has been active with some of our more challenging issues such as the Highlands. His knowledge and network of people will be invaluable to us. The EO Position is the heart of the association not only keeping our organization running smoothly on a daily basis but giving us the consistency from year to year.

Of course, I look forward to working with all of the members of our new Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the committee chairs. And, by the way, I invite each of you to become more involved in our committees and the governance of our organization. Your ideas and your energy are what moves us forward.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to lead this great Association in 2020. I look forward to helping Metro be of great service to its members and our industry. I can’t say it often enough: Please participate in our events, consider leadership positions and help our fellow members!

We are Metro!!

God bless you, God bless Metro and God bless America!

Ronnie Glomb

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