February Presidents Message

January President’s Message
March 14, 2016
Relationships – The HEART of the organization
March 14, 2016

Slogans, sayings, mottos, a rallying cry, or a watchword are all shorthand for deeper meaning concepts. We have heard them since sitting on grandpa’s knee or been inundated by media marketing a product. It seems there is never enough time to go deep, just enough time to capture the essence. The sales marketing guru’s use this mantra that I carry with me and it reads:

If it looks good, you will see it
If it sounds good, you will hear it
But if it’s real, you will buy it.

As your president, I have seen Metro for several decades from the bleachers and recently on the leadership team. I have liked what I see and have been inspired to work harder yet for our industry. I have heard about and experienced the joy of professional trust and strong relationships. We have brought in great speakers for our meetings and education programs. I listened and I learned. In sidebars at a networking hour, I listened to terrific mentoring advice and reflections on lives well lived, and businesses well run.

Metro’s value is real. There is nothing fake here. We plan through our strategic sessions laying out our vision. We execute through our calendar. We monitor through our budget and retention statistics. We serve by creating opportunities for relationships and businesses to flourish. We just held the largest board meeting in a decade with full support of officers, directors, past presidents, committee chairs, staff and volunteers attending. These are all great minds and hearts working for the members. I am encouraged for our future with these efforts. We ARE building homes while building businesses and friendships. We know how to build. We are doing it in every sense of the word. I am very proud of our record and excited by this coming calendar year.

This February 18th, we start off the year with the national economic forecast. Data will be parsed for local relevance and impact. The guest speaker, Michael Neal, is a leading senior economics researcher from NAHB. He is the man behind the scenes collecting and crunching the numbers. When it comes to his knowledge of the forecast data, there is no one who knows more. This is the level of expertise that comes to our table to bring insights, deliver wisdom, show value, and minister to uncertainty. The facts will be on the menu.

Yes, Metro is the real deal. Thanks for buying into membership. Come out and join with us and gather the wisdom and value that will help you succeed in your endeavors.

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